come from your CORE

act out of impulse
not [an impulse] of fearful withdrawal
but that of fearless expression

as much as p

if you are uncertain
just Q this: does this feel good because I give more or because I feel that I get [away with] more? does it empower or just weaken me further? does it feed my light or my shadow?



you don’t “feel” an emotion
you DO an emotion
and you don’t “have” a feeling
you DO a feeling

everything you experience is not something that happens to you,
it is something that you choose to do

love is self-hypnosis
loss is an illusion
it all comes from within

it is up to me when & how I allow myself to feel complete


”just express your personality freely and let the chips fall where they may”

those who like you will stick by, appreciate and support you for who you are and the values you stand for and embody;

those who don’t.. well, fuck em, why waste time and energy on trying to please them, why waste your self trying to live up to their expectations and meet their standards?

in fact, the less you try to impress
the more you impress others

once you start unreeling and giving
the desire to get dissolves

and that’s what truly benefits all

[let the chips fall where they may: to allow events to unfold naturally; to accept what occurs without prejudice, worry, or regret]

true love

in a functional relationship
(as opposed to a dysfunctional one)
I am WITH the other person
not FOR or THROUGH them

in other words,
we are not co- nor in-
but interdependent

we both grow