my actions and behaviors do not reflect my true capacities
but rather the given identity I have chosen to inhabit

like the needle on a broken record, unaware I orbit the story I have created about myself and I constrain/enable myself to experience only a certain scale of my physiological and psychological capacities

I gotta get clear, I gotta hear clearly the actual tune the needle is picking up because it makes a hell of a difference whether my chosen identity is upbeat/empowering me or rather downbeat/holding me back

for the most part our beliefs (about ourselves, other people and the world) inhibit us BIG TIME, something like this: http://youtu.be/gi-ugW6n2e4

feel the looping tune you are stuck in and OWN that shit.. and get guidance: open to the provocations that stronger individuals offer when they confront you or when they share their struggles and candidly expose their fear-ridden ego

these people give permission for us to become more open and vulnerable, they give permission for us to let loose and slough off our worn-out identity, and grow into a stronger version of ourselves,

to leap to the next loop, and get hemmed in the next circle (as Emerson would say)


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