it’s incredible
how versatile and ingenious and fucken brilliant and resourceful we are
when it comes to finding excuses
by which we can stand in our own way

stunting our growth
stemming our flow
stifling our voice
inhibiting our soul


“just do it”

dont wait for the praise and that pat on the back

dont wait for appreciation and validation
dont wait for permission and entitlement
dont wait for being ready
dont wait for completion

dont wait for being taken

take action

each and every day


self-validate and empower yourself
be self-reliant

a Reality

voice of soul

the calculated
-what you do out of an impulse to please or impress others
never “gets across”

by being calculated/stifled
you deny your self&others
the gift/light/voice that you are

of course,
not everybody resonates with the voice that you are
but you’ll find the ones who amplify and are amplified by your voice
only if you get unstifled


frame management

when someone reacts not to what you say
but to what they project into what you say
and when someone squeezes your ideas into their own twisted frames and presuppositions
it isn’t worth the energy
when it comes to criticizing someone else’s idea
first, present it in your own words,
give it space, articulate it
and Q it only after paraphrasing it

be the one reacting less
be the man

coupla Qs

why do we let others make us feel indebted and obliged to do things we don’t want?

why do we adopt identities/roles and collateral rules (pertaining to that identity) that inhibit our

why do we force ourselves into relationhips that delimit our mental-emotional and even
physiological capacities?

why do we slip so easily into self-sabotage?

why do we keep on standing in our own way? and why the fuck do we put ourselves into a mindset that dispossesses us of a sense of entitlement to feel and be great?

why do we stifle the voice/light inside?

(one answer: because of having a weak boundary)

F the norm #1

never pose Qs (questions/cues)
that presuppose and thus preempt an authentic response

making you & the other person superfluous and exchangeable

just be P (present) and let curiousity take the better of you