part of getting Clear is
establishing a robust boundary
that strengthens Core

this is how I cure myself of the disease to please/impress others

this is how I become transparent (about my values, beliefs, views)

this is how I unleash character/charisma and nurture virtues

I gotta set up the boundary that defines and delineates
what behaviors I accept/expect and don’t accept/expect
from self&other

negativity and other people’s BS stresses me
only if I am overly reactive as a result of having a weak, leaky boundary

I need to accept that in order to maintain and fortify my boundary
I gotta disappoint and let others down from time to time
that sometimes I have to say no and be assfully headstrong
(without having to justify (to self&other) anything that I do
or needing particular excuses to quit situations or relationships..

I don’t owe anybody anything except myself
to become the strongest version of myself
that enlightens/uplifts others


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