action precedes capacity

first you act
and then you develop the capacity, the skill

this is the law of nature as RW Emerson said:
“do the thing and you shall have the power”

so long as I am waiting for the perfect conditions
and operate in the (ego-driven) mode
where capacity is felt necessary to precede action
I am but blocked
stunted in my growth

if I always want to play it safe
and “give pre-scripted presentations”
or approach girls with the ‘perfect line’ in my head
or eliminate all the risks before undertaking a venture

I just step in my own way
and I compromise EXPRESSION
recoiling into a cocoon of excuses

action precedes capacity

the more that I take action
the more that I grow in my capacities

deferral & hesitation does nothing but inhibit the development of capacity
deferral & hesitation curbs EXPRESSION

as a rule of thumb, remember:

instead of recoiling into your head
just take the leap
and ‘calibrate after the fact’


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