up to speed

most of the time
we are carried along
by our train of thought
like victims of a fascist regime

(‘thought‘ is the dimension of form, of temporality
where the specters of our past
–norms, traditions, personal demons, traumas–
and the perpetual anxiety about our future
about the unpredictable consequences of our actions
condition and (tem)paralyze us
render us passive passengers of the mind

temporality is the movement of the mind
or as Rodolfo Llinas says:
“thought is internalized movement”)

in a nutshell, this is when we try
to play it safe and save face

when we are attached to a (special) self-image and identity
no matter how constraining (guilt-ridden, self-sabotaging, etc.) it happens to be

we coil up in our head
at the speed of thought
taking us wherever it takes us

and we suffer..

until we realize
that there are alternative(velocitie)s

for one,
we can outspeed thought

by actual MOVEMENT outside our head
by taking the leap
engaging in situations unrehearsed
doing things off the cuff
and ‘calibrating only after the fact’
just falling right through the hole of all of our fear
while simply ‘trusting in our faculties

this is called taking action

on the other hand,
we can slow down as well
or dilate/SPATIALIZE

here, we are still carried along by the movement of the mind
but we actually see or rather witness it as it’s speeding by
we do not identify with it,
we are no longer hijacked by it
but simply aware of it

we open up to whatever happens
and to all the emotions triggered

this is called meditation

so I say, align
find a balance among these different velocities
attune to your incessant reactions and
fine-tune your actions
after actually taking them


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