the self-image/persona
that I co-create with others
locks my personality inside a box of limited access (to self&other)

it siphons my nervous system
and shut(tle)s me into poor cognitive & visceral function

an ouroboric energy-loop
i stand in my own way

the way out is through..
through becoming transparent
to the bullshit that drives my ego/shadow
as well as the principles that drive my soul/light
and surrendering to them

in effect, this is where “mindless” passivity meets deliberate action
where Eckhart Tolle resonates with Tony Robbins
in attunement:

in order to become the strongest version of myself
I gotta proactively cultivate the habits that empower me to tune into the laws that drive my body and my soul
and, at the same time, surrender to them

i gotta make room for the power that is already here


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