truth is trust

what it all comes down to is trust

seeing is believing, yes:
what i believe(=trust to be the case) is what i actually see
since reality is experienced (or neurally enacted) and experience is state-dependent and state is belief-based

and on the microscale level too, of course:
what i give to others is what i receive from others
interpersonal success reflects intrapersonal integrity(=self-trust)

meaningful communication
effective distribution(=entrusting) of tasks in business
is all based on trust

to quote Stephen Covey:
“trust is the glue of life
it’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication
it’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships”

and of course
people trust me to the extent that i trust myself
and i trust myself to the extent that i am aligned/attuned and compassionate
towards self&other

it is nicely demonstrated in cold-approach pick-up even (HT Owen Cook from RSD)
if i bring free-flowing energy to the interaction
not seeking any form of validation or positive response
it spikes up attraction
which is, in effect, a measure of the level of trust on the part of the girl

much like that skin problems indicate a gut issue
when feminine energy withdraws from me (=girls leave)
it is an indicator that i have lost self-trust
and have become flaccid as a man

trust precedes the thrust
that is the way it is


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