choose your destiny

falling is inevitable
staying down is optional

pain is inevitable
suffering is optional

circumstances don’t determine
where you can go
they merely determine
where you can start

circumstances don’t make the man
they reveal him



if you want someone
who gets you
who appreciates and trusts in you

you gotta appreciate, trust
and know thyself

you gotta be transparent
about what you stand for
and who you really are

how could you expect someone to truly trust in you
when you are ambivalent yourself?
how could you expect someone to truly appreciate you
when your own self-esteem keeps fluctuating?
how could you expect someone to truly believe in you
when you believe in yourself only half-heartedly?

go first bitch,
have faith
and the balls to face rejection, humiliation and failure

you can’t lose what truly belongs to you

go all in
let the chips fall where they may


distinguish the movements
of the shadow
[all forms of resistance like: fear, clinging, trying to please or impress or manipulate others
in order to get validation, attention, grounding, etc.]
from the movements of the light
[awareness, spaciousness, gratefulness, appreciation, playfulness, sense of abundance, freedom, etc.]
amplify the latter
by tracking and monitoring (=learning from the pains inflicted by) the former

let your shadow entertain & train ya
but identify with your inner light only