multidimensional expression

never bring that self/role
into a relationship
that is not functional (productive)
in the context of that particular relationship

in other words
don’t bring your analytic self
into your intimate relationships
and-vice versa-don’t bring intimacy
into your professional relationships

gettin conceptual and philosophical is, for ex,
a surefire way to killin sexual dynamics

know your different roles and stay congruent to them
on a multiple plane of interpersonal dynamics



get motivated by your own initiative

do the emotion to have the emotion

if you want to feel upbeat, do it
get into your body, go out: MOVE

energy is not something you have
it is something you generate
-like a power plant-from within
you get it by doing it

give what you want to get
give energy
be abundant

don’t wait for things to happen to you
go out and happen to them


your results dont matter
your output is only a byproduct
your achievements are but the side-effect
of the dynamics you inhabit
and the vibe that you cultivate
day in and day out

it’s the momentum
that matters
the dynamic movement
that you are

the things that you achieve
are ‘mere’ stepping stones
generating the momentum
that subtends and, in effect, upgrades your vibe

you attract what u r

we are all hardgainers

“pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body”

trust pain
let it guide your dynamics of growth

be its bitch
let it penetrate you
and take you wherever it takes you

yield to it
let it ravish you

whenever it comes
just let it ripple right through you

resist it less and less
with each iteration

pain is the physiological and/or psychological manifestation of resistance
it is a resistance to yielding
a resistance, in essence, to shifting
into a “stronger” version of your self
resistance to change is proportional to speed and intensity
to magnitude
not whether it’s good or bad

own it
feel into it
let it ripple through


it works bw a man and a woman
when there is a gap
where the man is man enough for the
woman to relax into her feminine essence
there is sexual polarity
they are not like buddies or siblings
(like so many similar-age couples out there)
there is a mismatch that drives the dynamics of their entanglement
in a stimulating
rather than dampening fashion

be real

stand up for what you stand for

have the guts
to face humiliation and rejection
show your true colours

draw the line
let them see where u r comin’ from

have the balls
to be transparent and unapologetic

stand up for what you stand for