get the edge

the principle behind stochastic resonance
is adding noise to amplify and thus detect a weak signal

in a similar vein
taking (all sorts of) action
helps me in the process of fine-tuning
my alignment with my deepest impulses
in short
exposure (~noise) brings out my essence

there is no way around this, no shortcut:
I become a stronger version of myself via exposure
by taking action, day after day

in contrast with the quick-fix mentality
which promises gains without losses
this is a moebius loop or spiral:
where growth (or reception) is proportional to breaking down (rejection)

word up MJ:
“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.


“through my actions
i create the world”

this is true both
at the biophysical
and the psychosocial level

in other words,
experience (or cognition) lived at the
and the interpersonal level
are dynamic loops that feed into themselves:
it’s all action and interaction based
born of movement

what you do/give is
what you get

the world is enacted
not perceived


to induce growth: intrude


roll with transient “losses”


put yourself on the line

be shameless, make no apologies

long term gains
come at the expense
of the transient ones

grow your tolerance for exposure
grow the balls to follow your gut
act on and-by the same token-tune in to your deepest impulses

intrude more
resist less

exposure heals

every time you let the superficial impulses of your lesser self
take the better of you
at the expense of your deeper impulses
in other words,
every time you choose the path of least resistance and
every time you hold back & resist & recoil from
the pull of your higher self
to take ation
and approach that girl, observe that habit, practice that skill, accept/decline that offer, etc.
you are wasting your time
in fact, you are a waste of energy
you are rehearsing death

value is earned

i ma get what i feel entitled to get
what i feel deserving of
there is no way around this
i cannot talk or psych myself into it

the only way out of feeling undeserving
of a hot girl, a lucrative opportunity, others’ undivided attention/time, love, etc.
and the only way to feel totally entitled
is by earning every inch of it by taking action

taking action and acting on my deeper impulses will inevitably hurt,
it all turns on my tolerance of exposure
on having the balls to go with my gut no matter what

there is no shortcut
i get as much as i give
give in the sense of yielding (beyond resistance)
what i deserve is in direct proportion to how much i give


images like Skywalker using telekinesis
or Bruce Wayne leaping out of the pit
are a bit confusing
for it’s not that believing in it you can do it
as in “fear brings failure, faith brings success”
believing in it you’ll just do it again
and again and again
until you fucken make it
in effect, this is what “faith brings success” actually means
success is a side-effect of relentless effort
the loop involves iteration: trust>thrust>truth


i guess i find watching the Hodgetwins eating all kindz of junkfood and giving all kindz of unlicensed professional advice so irresistible and matter of fact downright addictive cause they spatialize:
meaning that whenever i watch them i just fall deep inside a space
a peculiar space
brought forth by their frolicsome banter and bodily movements
with nothing but my wits hangin out:
though their stuff is sound and solid
i am engaged more at a visceral than an intellectual level
drawn at a tardy rhythm and a wide range of tonality that inflects their trademark register
deeper and deeper into the sugarwally grip of
recursive statements and recurring repetitions
yeah, the classic case of not-what-but-how-you-say-it

there is no rush in getting a point across
it’s all about just idling about,
spatializing and vacuuming themselves & us somewhere else


everything happens for a reason
it happens for the reason that it happens 😉

in a way,
what has to happen happens
and what happens has to happen

and no matter what happens
you are larger than that

just be the space for that
let it ripple right through you

you gain control by surrender

the less you resist
the faster you adapt/grow

evolve (self-assembly upgrade #)

learn to thrive on stress/EXPOSURE

if it’s moderate and regular enough
if it’s well managed
you adapt


your default is the pattern of behaviour you inevitably FALL BACK ON
whenever you are overwhelmed or just plain lazy

this is your comfort zone
that protects you from EXPOSURE

for some EXPOSURE means ‘going out’ (ex-stasis: socializing)
for others it means ‘going in’ (stasis: solitude)
for most of us it means both
sometimes it’s ‘going out’
sometimes it’s ‘going in’

you need to balance this out
decrease RECOIL and increase EXPOSURE

/go against the grain of your default
as much as p


RECOIL is the opposite
of taking action
that EXPOSURE entails

RECOIL is natural
in a space of comfort and free time
one inevitably slips back into old dysfunctional patterns

don’t identify with it
feel it but dont feed it
just acknowledge it, trace and own it
surrender beyond it

/snap out of it
as much as p


yes, you gotta learn to say NO
to draw your lines
to assert your personal boundaries
when you’re working on a project, say, and you need to focus
but say NO only at the expense of your lesser self
in other words
say NO to yourself too not just others

how many times do you decline an invitation only because you want to RECOIL into the cocoon of your comfort zone, to be alone in your head, in order to minimize EXPOSURE? or inversely: how many times do you accept an invitation only because you want to RECOIL into the comfort zone of being away from your self, to distract yourself, in order to minimize EXPOSURE?

check & balance your RECOIL

every invitation is an opportunity to go out and hone your social skills, to cultivate your vibing capacity, to network
just as solitude is an opportunity to go in and get in tune with your deeper self

/push yourself
as much as p


ExPOSE yourself
more and more
less and less

seek more EXPOSURE
and trace your RECOIL

act more with abandon
calibrate more after the fact
rather than before

/just breathe and leap right into it
and go through the motions
no matter how bad it feels
as much as p