personal dynamics (sketch)

I am a bioenergetic flow
a dynamic system
that adapts to the stressors
I regularly expose myself to

to prod this flow towards exponential growth
to tap into and hack its adaptive powers
there are 2 basic ways to go:

I gotta set up systems
in the form of circumstances, environmental constraints and obligations
(like having a gym-membership for ex)
that enhance my exposure
to (momentum-inducing) stressors
once these systems are in place
all I gotta do is SHOW UP
no matter what

I gain a higher ground
by losing the old one
which is to say:
if the rug is pulled out from under me
and have nothing of my old patterns to fall back on
I (must) adapt

this is what happens, for ex, when a girl leaves my sorry ass
and I gotta regroup outside of ‘us

in short,
I gotta create circumstances
where I cannot fall back on dysfunctional patterns


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