i guess i find watching the Hodgetwins eating all kindz of junkfood and giving all kindz of unlicensed professional advice so irresistible and matter of fact downright addictive cause they spatialize:
meaning that whenever i watch them i just fall deep inside a space
a peculiar space
brought forth by their frolicsome banter and bodily movements
with nothing but my wits hangin out:
though their stuff is sound and solid
i am engaged more at a visceral than an intellectual level
drawn at a tardy rhythm and a wide range of tonality that inflects their trademark register
deeper and deeper into the sugarwally grip of
recursive statements and recurring repetitions
yeah, the classic case of not-what-but-how-you-say-it

there is no rush in getting a point across
it’s all about just idling about,
spatializing and vacuuming themselves & us somewhere else


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