I am IT

I have access to all there IS

to the extent that I [dare to]
trust my intuitions

to the extent that I [dare to]
allow it to manifest

to the extent that I [dare to]
take ownership of it

by letting myself being granted
the permission to do so


as a human
a sense of restlessness
is a given

OWN it or be PWNED by it
the choice is yours

to OWN it is to yield beyond it

it is to transcend a constant buzz and sense of guilt
a nagging feeling of owing self&others, of being indebted

it is to relax at last into who you truly are
into what you truly want

restlessness is a productive state of mind
up until the point beyond which it
becomes overwhelming and destructive
to the body

to OWN it is to manage it

it is to unburden your digestion &
support your detox system, for example,
by eating lightly
in tune with your appetite
or to unburden your conscience &
regain self-esteem and cultivate confidence
by taking things lightly
and acting in tune with your deepest impulses

restlessness is a given

OWN it or be OWNED by it
the choice is yours

Stencil vs Profane

r u lost in a ship tossed around
on the ocean of your chaotic emotions
determined by circumstance
a victim of vicissitude?
u the captain of a ship on purpose
owning and harnessing the power of your e-motions
adapting to circumstance and vicissitude
surfing with a purpose?

hormesis of the soul

Scott Sonnon:

Make stress your ally to defeat anxiety.

personal power grows like a muscle
if it is regularly challenged
with progressive overload

you gotta get into the habit of pushing through your fears
by acting on your deepest impulses

doing it for yourself
not in order to impress others
but to impress and
-by the same token-
EXPRESS yourself

fears are but sign-posts on your path
guiding you

to paraphrase a passage from the movie Jacob’s Ladder:
‘if you are frightened of letting go and acting out
and you are holding back
you will see demons tearing your life away
but if you surrender and yield beyond them
then the demons are really angels freeing you from suffering’


women live in the emotion of the moment
when they are in their feminine

and women relax into their feminine
when the presence of the masculine lures it forward
when they are allowed to become receptive
like reeds rippled by the breeze

masculine presence comes from
clarity of intent and confidence
from a sense of entitlement
that is earned through exposure/experience

masculinity is all about movement towards
it’s knowing who you are, what you stand for,
where you are going and why

it is being the wind swaying the reeds
and not the reed bending with the winds