re Hodgetwins

ironically, the new format of the Hodgetwins
plain contradicts what I have written about them a month ago
sure enough, many viewers started posting critical comments
some of them feel that these new vids are scripted
others don’t like the fact that they’re standing instead of sitting
or that there is no intro, no background, etc.
in my view these comments all point out but symptoms
indicating that there is indeed something off
and I think the twins feel it too
the root issue behind these surface blemishes is that they are not relaxed,
they are not themselves
rather they are trying to be like themselves
yes, there is a hint of performance anxiety
they are more in their heads than their body
trying to impress instead of simply to express
moving, in a sense, ‘outside-in’ to meet (self &/or other imposed/projected) expectations
granted, the fact that they are experimenting with a new format is laudable
the problem is that (for the time being at least) they seem to be doing it at the expense of their flow
that trademark register of theirs is used like a set of tools from a toolbox
(which even feels a bit forced)
there is no natural rhythm to it, no organic (and masculine) unfolding from the ‘inside-out’

what can I say,
I do hope they’ll soon find their way back to expressing themselves freely


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