the stillness

it’s all here ‘with me’ right now
I can access all of its states
there is no past, no memories
only the flow of my consciousness

as a child
when I was transfixed by the rain from behind the pane of an entrance door
or when I was drinking tap-water from the cupped hands of my father at the local lake feeling that peculiar sweet metallic taste
or when I was swimming in the sea and eating watermelons and gyros in Greece discovering one afternoon a card (a red queen) behind the pillow of my bed in our apartment

the same consciousness ‘was’ there
the very same opening
looking out at the world
only the filters were different
and as the years pass more and more layers just fall away
I am progressively reaching higher and higher levels of clarity
and lighter and brighter versions my self that filters the source



true alchemy is turning every form of pain into an insight

soft front strong back

(instead of passing judgment or criticism)
challenge the people “above” you and
accommodate the people “below” you
not the other way around


I am what my ‘expression’ triggers in others

I am not what I think I am
and not what I think others think of what I am
I am not a thought outside myself
I am what I express (through my actions)
and I am what my expression triggers in others
I am the ripples that I generate


noone will do it for you
and you wouldn’t want that anyway

you only become good at the wrong thing
or the right(ish) thing in the wrong context that way
what a waste

you want to do the right thing
that is calling rather than obliging you

you don’t want to act towards expectations
via ‘passive adaptation’

you want to act out of clarity & choice
FOCUS & commitment
in a mode of ‘proactive adaptation’

you want to be you, do you
give your gift and serve
on your own terms

you want to appoint yourself and
create your own brand

and -by the same token- verify what Buffett says:
“the ability to raise prices
– the ability to differentiate yourself in a real way, and a real way means you can charge a different price –
makes a great business”