be wherever you are at

own your awkward
don’t thematize it
in an attempt to offload
the pressure it engenders

if you tell a story or a joke, for ex,
don’t frame it preemptively:
saying how lame you usually are at doing so,
don’t comment on your inability to tell jokes,

don’t seek to impress
just express
whatever you put forth
own it and roll with it

own your awkward


neuroassociations 101


where X is a given
and Y is chosen

for ex,
if I get that girl/job/etc
then I’ll feel at peace
if I lose that girl/job/etc
then I’ll feel depressed

what are the conditions & the rules
that I have adopted/set up & that I need to meet
in order to feel fulfilled, aligned & at peace?

and more importantly:
do these self-imposed rules serve me (give more than they take)?
and how can I make them serve me even more?

0,1% every single day

many of people’s problems stem from an unwillingness
to gestate for prolonged stretches of time;
typically, people want things right away, at once:
they want their [usually borrowed] needs instantly met
without investing time in working on themselves
in order to fulfill those needs from within
and, by the same token, attracting or bringing forth, in effect,
the avatars of those needs from without

my why

i am not afraid to succeed
because i want Nature to succeed
in flowing wherever it’s going

listening to your impulses
is to GLOW
where you are not afraid of
losing face & messing up
again & again
where you are not afraid to succeed
because you want Life to succeed
in flowing
wherever it’s going
through you

a couple of Q-tips

we are all in need of proper Q-ing

Q-ing is about dezombifying interactions
and enhancing the quality of communication
towards both self & other

1 be direct:
avoid posing routine Qs
like “How was your weekend?”
that ignite a routine response
like “It was ok”
instead, pose Qs that are raw(er)
like “So, what happened to you on Saturday?”
to interrupt autocued patterns

Q-ing is about en-lightening self & other

2 be real:
unless genuine curiosity informs your Qs:
you won’t find out what makes self & other tick
you won’t find out about those [conflicting] why(s) inside