be the gift

it’s so easy to slide back:
whenever i get attached
and give in to the gravity of the social autotune
and let narratives & scripts weave the story of my engagement with someone/something/the world
and i switch into the mode of
seeking to make an impression
which is seeking to get
instead of free-flowing expression
that is, giving sans strings
i lose the plot
i get bogged down in the specifics
and the drama-ridden plane of the personal
i give up being the open channel & source of energy
and i lose touch with my true needs and deepest impulses
and rather than knowing what i want and going after it
i collapse into a passive little hapless puppet
waiting to be taken & provided for

a good example is romance:
the moment pure desire for someone switches into attachment
sexual polarity is extinguished,
energy-flow is blocked, growth (personal & shared) is stunted

keep it in check, always
ask yourself:
what do i really want here? do i just want her to want me so that i can stay in the puddle of my comfort zone?

being human starts beyond the personal:
in the realm of the impersonal
where i embody the (self-less) gift that i am


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