some words on John H. Tilden and Toxemia

the basic message of John Tilden (1851-1940) is that if you want to avoid ill-health
all you have to do is to manage the quality & the scope of your exposure to stimulation and different forms of stimulants
i.e. the food that you eat, the air that you breathe, the movements patterns that you box yourself into, the thoughts that you harbour, the people that you engage, the habits that you cultivate, etc.

stimulation is the prime mover
for that is what kicks in the flow, the movement of energy
if moderate enough there is no problem
and if it’s a tad taxing and overwhelming for the body but still managed well
meaning there is enough time&space to rest/recover from it
it triggers an adaptive response, in effect,
making the dynamics of your flow more robust and resilient
(this is the principle behind hormesis)

stimulation and stimulants in excess, though, deplete us
and everybody has a different tolerance or tipping point:
when we cross that line we become overstimulated
which causes our nerve energy to plummet
compromising in turn the reparatory, cleansing processes of the body

it is a chain or a cascade of metabolic events
leading to a runaway loop wherein toxicity in tandem with enervation progressively builds up and intensifies

enervation/toxicity manifests itself differently in different individuals, affecting their system at its weakest link,
nevertheless they are all but symptoms,
a rash or a headache or fatigue, for ex, are but symptoms of the body’s attempt at repairing and healing itself,
which therefore should never be medicated away and thus suppressed,
but rather amplified (by a hot bath, for ex) in order to facilitate the cleansing process

in essence, Dr Tilden’s method is all about getting out of nature’s way
and letting the body heal itself by giving it space

the real task is for every individual to find out about their tolerance level
and keep (as best as possible) the scope of the stimulation beneath that

it is a matter of tuning in and cultivating a trust in one’s own intuitions (or I should say appetites)

Dr Tilden offered many practical ideas to minimize (or “optimize”) the stress caused by stimulation,
eating carbs separately from protein is one of them (since these ignite distinct metabolic cycles respectively),
as is daily tensing exercises to improve circulation (and thus nourishment of tissues)


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