Gone Girl

When I met Nick Dunne I knew he wanted Cool Girl
He will always prefer Cool Girl


what a movie

though I wish there was a more charitable complexity to Amy’s character
the miasma of ambi-valence did not totally evaporate at the end,
in fact, the uncanny aura of the psychology of the characters is what I would like to drive further here:

I’m the cunt you married. The only time you liked yourself is when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like

taking it in the abstract
in my eye this film depicts the closure (hermetic, operational, whatever) of experience
the idea that we never access another
only vicariously
through (what we) experience (of them)

all we ever know about another
is what they trigger in us
it’s the ripples their expression triggers in us

the interpersonal dynamics that’s unleashed is unique as we co-create spirals of expectations & projections
and mold subsequent personas

Nick teased things out of me I didn’t know existed

respectively, we never know what we trigger in another

the other remains a mystery

//but then: we share an essence
0ne Source
we are Nature
trending inside out…

the haunting cinematography and score of the movie
triggered in part the terror of experiential solipsism

hats off to the creators


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