imagine that you achieve any goal the instant you set it
that you can hop from target to target
and get the meal skipping the lengthy stage of preparation
(indeed, the essence of fast-food mentality)

that you stumble upon the money, the girl, a new set of friends,
and anything you wish for,
one after the other, you get it all

what would it actually feel like?

let me pose more loaded/biased Qs:

could you appreciate things that fall into your lap?

could you identify with results without going through the work necessary for achieving them?

could it be that short-cuts, in effect, short-cut your sense of achievement?

could it be that these externals feed (the black hole of your ego) only provisionally
leaving you all the more empty in the long run?

could it be that the more you fixate on externals the more you lose grip on your internal?

as you can discern from the Qs I am biased towards the idea that:

there ain’t no shortcuts
you get what you give
externals are but the side-effect of internal success
your true identity is your character (you cultivate) and not its paraphernalia
what matters is not what you have but who you are
not what you get but who you become

the same way as
having insights without experientially earning them is mere information (as opposed to wisdom you own and can readily deploy):
getting things done for you leaves you deprived of being able to go for them, to earn them, to feel entitled to appreciate & savor them


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