densely put:

ego is a function of the shared mind
and it is twofold in its operation
(as usual, the trick is to find the balance)

in short, your ego is a social algorithm that reduces you to a manageable entity,
it helps to keep things in check within a society
by locking you into an identity
an image that you try to maintain in the eyes of others

paradoxically: it crystallizes in the mind as it gets distributed beyond the boundary of the self,
as, in short, the mind becomes shared

in order for this to happen
on the one hand, the ego is based off of empathy
on the other, anxiety
herein lies its twofold nature
the paradox of the indivi-dual

the ego is a paradoxical loop
or moebic oscillation, let’s say, between compassion and the neurosis of comparison

the “I” oscillates between its divine and its derived self
between creativity/openness and control/closure

a safety valve that oscillates between love and fear:
the dimension of light and the dimension of darkness

eros & thanatos


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