program your mind,

set up the basic algorithm:

as a first step, decide:
do you want to be here? alive? among the living? or not

IF YES you want to be here:
THEN you have NO reason to complain about anything
for whatever happens happens precisely because you are here
it happens FOR you
if you step into dogshit it happens because you get to be here
right now,
that’s why it happens
because you are here
if you want to be here: decide exactly WHY you want to be here,
what do you want?
what is it that you are to contribute?
what is your project?
define your target and go after it
or let it come to you (if that’s how you like to phrase it)

the main thing is that every behavior shall shall have a rationale behind it:
if you get sulky and passive-aggressive with someone there has to be a reason for that and you have to be able to justify that in terms of your project

whatever you do or say has to align with the reason you are here

IF, on the other hand, you do not want to be here:
(saying that you haven’t chosen to be here in the first place)
then either: off yourself (which is what, in effect, most of us do mentally & spiritually) OR
find someone who wants to be here (and you admire) and dedicate yourself to serve them on their project


think bigger


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