face dynamics #

your face is the site where social norms play out
your face is the seat of the ego
an identity, an image that feeds on a story

in essence, your face is external to you

genuine connection to self or other
occurs beyond the level of face dynamics

beyond the level of the personal
when you guide self & other into the moment
outside the story
into an open space where there is
no strings (attached)
no calculatedness
no face to save & maintain

take dating as an example:
there is always a tipping point
once it gets a little bit serious
and we have a sense that there are stakes involved
once we have something to lose (=be judged for)
the lightness and the playfulness, the pure unbridled energy flow
turns into a face dynamics where ego and its scripts take over
the interaction becomes measured and painfully predictable

face dynamics
is the flow of energy into interpersonal battles
& the minutiae of constant identity/image micromanagement

minimize it
as best as you can

engage our higher self


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