variations on a theme

project yourself into the Middle Ages or ancient Rome
into another era, another continent
or another gender, another race
imagine that you are a soldier in a trench in the 1st World War
someone about to be lynched in the southern US at beginning of the 20th century

so many of us
so many lifelines
so many peculiar associations,
personal histories

..and realize
beneath the kaleidoscopic flux of personal histories
all of us share the same consciousness
the one awareness

understand that:
you are not special
Life is not unfolding for you, Life is not about you
you could be anybody
any time

Meaning, happiness
created by


anybody you walk past on the street
you could be them
living their life

witness how you judge others
witness how you distance yourself from others
admit & own it

you think that others are not so openminded as you are
you think that you are more aware and more in tune than others
guess what:
that’s what I also think
that already makes us two lol

we are part of all of us

none of us is special

all of us is specific

living a singular life
in a plural world


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