Brandon Gilbert

“It is a gift to be here, and everyone is a teacher. Those who irritate us most and are most difficult to deal with are often showing us a side of ourselves which need healing, or at the very least, giving us an opportunity to be grateful that we are in our body and not theirs. Meet their suffering with compassion, non-judgment. Remember that everyone is trying as best as they know how, and if they could do better they would. Note how you feel after judging someone versus how you feel after you practice compassion” (BG)

what a find particularly challenging is dealing with peeps “less” (or shall I say “differently”) evolved/developed
when I try to tighten my personal boundary and cut against all the BS and pointless fluff–turning abrasive and raw
while at the same time I want to stay compassionate and open–nothing more, just a one of us

the key, as always, is to relax and simply witness

we are

faces strung on empty space


another gem from David Deida:

“Hello, good to see you.”

This sentence can be said with the energy of anger, sweetness, sexiness, hatefulness, or coyness. You can speak with any energetic quality, pervading the concert hall of your experience. The bodies in this hall -yours and others- are resonated by the energy you offer. Be responsible for your breathing, your posture, your thoughts, and your speech, artfully opening those who float in this moment of appearance with you.

How responsible are you willing to be? The world awaits your answer, like an audience at your concert.

you am what your expression triggers

roles in a relationship

let’s get this straight:

as the “man” your role is to give the frame
as the “woman” to provide the content within that frame
the stronger the frame
the more intense the colors inside


nature is matter in motion
and you are it

you do not need to do anything
besides tweaking & upgrading
at your own pace
in your own terms
within your energetic budget

to make room for it

be patient, slug it out, and
all the pieces you “need” will fall into place

whenever things weigh heavy
just stay with it and bear with it
keep growing
0,1% every single day
everything will align on its own accord