when I am playing speedbadminton with my lil brother
I can clearly feel the dynamics we ((fail to)) enact
as well as the actual effects my level of engagement brings forth within that dynamics,
we usually start off with the tacit attitude that since it is the beginning we shall make many mistakes and mishits and indeed that is what we proceed to do in the first few rounds,
this is something I try to counteract by giving my fullest attention & intention to every single shot right from the beginning, because, I’ve found, if I am committed to hitting every shot with focus and determination, and to “sporting” an alert & responsive posture, it inevitably rubs off on Noel as well,
it is something so contagious that he cannot help but follow suit
many times it is my brother who hits with such immaculate momentum that I can literally feel being sucked into the trajectory of it,
it’s beautiful..
to being taken by a dynamics that unfolds on its own accord

this reminds me of a Tony Robbins idea where: every time two individuals with different dispositions meet the mood (upbeat or downbeat) that will prevail between them is in all likelihood the one to which one of them is more committed to


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