quid pro quo

i am aligned
to the extent that
i am open to love/energy

my capacity to receive love/life-force
is directly proportional to my
resolve of giving it

the flow of (healing) energy wobbles
the instant my resolve flickers:
whenever I let the demands of others
of sexy sirens, needy friends, family, etc.
and a sense of guilt or shame or fear of humiliation
derail me and compromise my depth

the resistance I feel in moments throughout the day
(conscience & guilt-induced, born of self-image)
is nothing but moments that test my resolve

the same principle applies in sexual polarity:
where consciously and unconsciously
the feminine tests the masculine’s resolve

“women” try to trip “men” up
to see how far “he” is willing to go
and to what extent “she” can let go
and relax & spill into the frame of “his” direction

that’s how it goes,
if the masculine energy buckles the feminine energy recoils

it’s a matter of staying at one’s edge
in line with intent

tuning in by acting on
and acting on by tuning in
our deepest impulse or intuition

if I manage to keep my poise amidst the noise
and leverage my recoil
(use pain/resistance as a guide)
I strengthen my resolve
and by the same token
I strengthen my capacity to give & receive love

and that’s all there is to it really


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