stillness speaks

wanna know the secret formula?
it’s simple:

slow down & listen

slow down to the point where you can eavesdrop
on the divine grapevine
and plagiarize 😉


lure her to bloom

she can be as dark & cool as she wants
deep inside she is but a little girl
waiting to be taken and
wanting to be treated like a queen

to be smelled like the delicate flower that she is
to be liberated into her free-flowing rainbowing femininity

“their karma”

people who get hurt once you stop faking interest
and start asserting your true impulses
(ab)use you as an excuse to inflict emotional pain on themselves

don’t take it personally
don’t engage, don’t apologize
it’s their issue, not yours

make everybody feel free to fuck off 😉

Q #

what is it that you think is important for you to do
even if in the end nothing will make any difference?


dare to be the toddler teaching adults how to walk
you may stumble about a lot
but in terms of “functional patterns”
you are perfect

real arrogance is not taking ownership of yourself, your gift
and denying it to others