see through it

dig deeper
understand the why of the what you decide to do
if you decide to cold approach people, for instance,
understand your rationale for doing so

knowing where you are actually coming from
makes a huge difference
a solid frame provides enabling space
/I am approaching you because for some reason I am drawn to you,
I don’t want to get or take anything from you, you owe me nothing in return,
there is no agenda and no strings attached, you are free to shoo me away or diss me:
all I want is to bask a little in your radiance or I intend, say, to appreciate what you have to give/

if you state that your rationale (for doing cold approaches) is ultimately to grow:
understand why exactly do you want to expand and open to higher complexities experientially?
is it because you want to participate and that way to contribute?
why exactly do you want to “contribute?”
go deeper

are your reasons really that lofty you presume them to be
or something simpler maybe:
something more along the line of wanting to enjoy yourself?
to cross and catch fleeting glimpses into different trajectories?
to feel light? alright? or titillated?

whatever comes up don’t judge it
don’t take it personally
feel deeper


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