low-vibration energy is the default
it seeks you out
looking for little ways to penetrate in you
to find your weakest links
and seep through the cracks
where you are emotionally vulnerable

the hallmark of the scarcity loop
is the kind of fixation that comes with compulsions,
compulsions to seek fixes from the object of fixation
in order to numb the pain caused by the fixation

for instance,
when you fall for & over-invest in someone you’ve barely met
it’s like a psychological inflammation, a flare up, say, of your pain-body (baby seeking its mommy)
instead of sharing you are sucking energy
and thus degenerating
into deeper and deeper dysfunction

to curb & counter this innate tendency
choose action over distraction:

do daily corrective stretches mentally

train yourself to act from abundance (i.e. self-reliance)

cultivate your sense to notice and your capacity to nip any shadow-spiral in its bud

go on a psychological fast (isolate yourself, minimize stimulation and distraction) whenever you snap into the loop of scarcity, neediness, victim-mentality, etc.

and don’t be fooled
the inner leech is part and parcel of our being
but it manages to thrive on its obscene own
it needs no extra feeding


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