social media

YouTube, facebook, twitter, the blogosphere, etc. are
another example or iteration of a powerful tool largely misused

it is nothing new, of course,
technology escalates both sides of the human soul
-has always been

the two sides being trust & mistrust
or love & fear

in trust we are leaning towards ‘freedom from face‘ (or ego)
in mistrust our emotions funnel towards a face to be saved (or ego-bound)

our shared mind has been scaffolded or augmented by tools from the very beginning
and the toys we invent will boost either of the two sides of our mind

we can adopt the tool from a ‘faceless impulse’ or from a place of high vibrational energy (using it essentially to practice & amplify the gestures of giving, creating, sharing, expressing, challenging & inspiring)
or from the place of the face, from low vibration

technology creates extra needs for the face as well as affords further opportunities for the facelessness to shine through more intensely

again, what is face?
it is basically the compulsion to be liked

which is a basic human urge and there is nothing wrong with it,
we are social to our core, we share a distributed cognition,
the individual is emotionally anchored in the ground of the other(s)

the problem starts when we get distracted and let our weaker part get caught up in the powerful dynamics actuated by our toys

posting and sporting cool stuff
won’t render us cool

piggybacking trendy memes
will get us only so far:
trapped in the throes of an unregarded public image

and we know it all too well:

those who seek attention
get it the least

partly because by seeking it
we become slave to an image of the current cool
which self-perpetuates itself in a vicious circle

we assume personas
that have less to do with our own style of being
than a generic style of seeming

clogged in the crust of a mask

we become an empty shell
ready to be crushed


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