poststructuralist self-help

the idea of alignment presupposes an essentialism of sorts

the binary thinking that lurks in my posts has more to it than a dichotomy, though

when I speak of authentic versus inauthentic impulses
(or what Robert Burton in The Anatomy of Melancholy discussing love distinguishes as honest and dishonest or natural passion vs disease/excess/defect)
is but the two ends of a spectrum
that like along a moebius strip
fold into each other

virtue and vice bleed into each other
they are not even two sides of a coin
they are one side of a loop
a dynamic unfolding that occasionally “runs away” (spiralling into a vicious cycle)
causing all sorts of dysfunction
(flare-ups, fevers, skin breakouts, aches & pains, diseases of the body & the mind, etc.)
but then over time self-corrects and moderates itself

homeostasis seeps through the cracks of our resistance
that inner voice, no matter how still and how small, is a powerful attractor

on second thought, though
I do tend to bias my logic toward the you discover yourself rather than create yourself side of the argument even though I resonate with the latter
as in there is no essence to which to align,
rather you create yourself on the go
from a core of emptiness


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