the membrane

rather than thinking in terms of toxins or stressors
think in terms of stimulants or energy

as Lord Kevin so eloquently puts it:
all food is healthy because all food is energy


nevertheless, let’s entertain the implication

think of everything you come into contact with as energy

the problem then is not “in kind but in degree

problems arise when stuff get’s too much
or too little for that matter
-let’s say “too” for short

now what’s “too” varies from individual to individual

in terms of too much it’s the dose that makes the poison

everyone has a different threshold of tolerance

be that for caffeine, sugar, gluten, red meat, duck fat, raspberry, female attention, sleep-deprivation, ejaculation, socializing, reading, running, etc.

think of yourself as a membrane with a set of softer spots

entertain the idea

every kind of exposure puts a strain on this membrane

and it can go two ways from there:
it either weakens it or (if the strain is moderate and intermittent enough) it strengthens it (which is called hormesis)

the implication?

there is no such thing as “healthy” or “unhealthy”

in a sense everything is “natural”

and it is your responsibility not to overshoot your metabolic capacity
to tune into every little wobble of your system
to find out how much you can take and what works best for you

of course the tricky part is that you’ll know how far you can go by stepping over the line

excess stimulation is buffered by inflammation:
your body will produce symptoms along the way

but once you establish what things you are more vulnerable to you can take proactive measures to manage the wobbles those things effect

what’s more,
if you dial in the right amount of the stimulant you may even trigger hormesis or adaptation to it

so “can the char compounds in cooked meat themselves, if consumed in moderation, actually improve our health by building our tolerance for potential toxins and carcinogens?”

read the answer and familiarize yourself with Todd Becker’s other material as well on the page linked below:

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