guilt is a symptom of fear

‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ goes the advice
which is pretty sound
but then there are also people who take themselves not seriously enough
these people have a hard time asserting themselves and going after what they truly want
although they may have an enviable ease about them
-which is a kind of buffering-
they feel massive guilt over claiming things for themselves
and usually feel undeserving of care
that’s why I would qualify the above statement
in terms of ‘not more & not less’
for, as always, the trick is to align:
take yourself seriously enough but not too much
relax into that sweet spot

until there is no mistaking the fact

the going gets tough
in direct proportion to your level of resistance

life feels like a series of missteps
and that is perfectly normal, that’s what it, in effect, should feel like
out of these mistakes something builds up over time:
the outline of something so awesome that, in fact, it terrifies and -by the same token- compels you to keep stumbling
and defer succeeding

until there is no mistaking

it all boils down to

you get what you give

you can give only what you have taken ownership of

to give is to let go

to let go is to trust

yes, it’s a loop:

you trust what you have taken ownership of

and you (get to) give what you trust

what you trust is what you get

truth is trust

reclaim your power through exposure

comfortable and complacent
you’ll but blur out of resolution and become an impostor

every practice that puts you at odds with your placidity
gets you on your edge and calls you to come into (a higher resolution) presence, to become a HD version of yourself
and let nature express itself through your specific human form

and this is important:

“no one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities. It’s a shame to waste those by doing what someone else has done.” – Joseph Campbell

on contribution

don’t tolerate your vagueness
the lower resolution you have
the less value you get to render
work for that HD version of yourself

get clear and ask yourself:
what exactly is in it for others,
how will X benefit from investing in me?