on teaching/coaching

to create the propitious context for teaching/coaching
trust has to be built
and trust comes from transparency

as a teacher you must focus more on the needs of the other
than on your self-image

you must
understand the needs
recruit the means
agree on an action plan
in order to keep a strong frame (that you may revise every now and then and) that makes room for the general free-flow of spontaneous probing and exploration that is pertinent
also, keep the why of each session clear

pressure to perform, to deliver, to entertain, to please reflects the level of uncertainty in a system of interaction

these are the symptoms of not doing your duty as a teacher/coach well

anxiety increases in proportion to the uncertainty in the system:
with weak frames & without clear boundaries and targets and a clear sense of trajectory energy gets diffuse, insecurities flare up

as a teacher/coach you are in the business of assisting others in the process of taking ownership of their own power

you are busy making yourself redundant

to quote Scott Sonnon:

“The goal of a trainer should be to eventually never see you again, unless the rare event – life – happens and you must start over again and need guidance in staying under the radar of your fear’s reactivity to the re-strengthening process. In an industry that profits from your self-doubt, being courageous enough to get up and practice everyday, despite the discomfort, is a rebellious act of personal empowerment”


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