the eye of the hormonal storm

why do we eschew the humbling task of self-deconstruction?
why are we so impatient?
why are we so eager to get and so meager at giving?
ever so fixated on scoring the next fix?

because we are confused

because we are spoilt

because it is easier to speed up & get caught up
than slow down & let go

we are loath to go back to our square 1 and build inward slowly from there

building outward by going inward is hard
it involves a lot of unlearning & and letting go

we’d rather arrive outward
and keep arriving outward, accruing, gaining more and more stuff,
tangible and intangible assets,
under our belt

we lost track: we lack trust

toys feel more real and toys can be hoarded, toys bring a transitory relief

it is easier to chase than to let go

and the more we hoard, the more we want
and the more we want, the less we are

what truly successful people have in common is the practice of letting go

they all understand that truth is trust

and that the speed of trust is the stillness of this moment


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