amplify what you’d rather stifle

ease out of all self-imposed pressure

nothing is a big deal

there is nothing to lose

nothing is personal

if some people take their BS out on you it’s a fairly good indicator that you are on the right track


instead of focusing on self-image (maintenance)
focus on your wobbles in response

get intimate with the ripples your insecurities trigger

ride these ripples, relax through them

discover your self

have fun

so long as you add value,
so long as you play with open cards,
you can do whatever you want and however you please

think & feel win-win
relate in the mode of play
jettison all heavy emotional baggage

it’s not upon you to take care of the emotional needs of others
you are not responsible for meeting the needs of anyone but yourself

let go
melt into it
relish the flesh of life


up front

“what holds you back is a romanticized version of who you think you are

the truth is easy
the alternative is hard..

“small companies front
because they think they need it
and they don’t
the truth is what they need”

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about business dynamics here
but it applies to us individuals as well

we feel little
and so to compensate we put up a front
to anchor the attention & care of others

but the more we front
the more we’ll have to hold back
and the more we hold back
the more we grow heavy & resentful


the body regrounds itself on its own accord

breathing techniques, asanas, meditation, incantations, pithy insights, etc.
are worth shit
if they are assumed rather than expressed

forcing alignment from the top down (from the head)
can ignite the dynamics from the bottom up (from the gut)

and this is what you can revert to do when you don’t feel like doing the thing: by simply going through the corrective motions until the motions take over

but this is the key:
alignment has to come from the bottom up
it has to come from the gut
from YOUR gut

you have to be with your body
you have to slow down to its beat
you have to let go and trust the pulsations emerging from the depth of your body

the body seeks to reground itself, always

you have to give space & witness its convulsions
listen to its broken speech
feel its gagging and jostling
enjoy its flow
relish its resistances

you have to be with it

/in more practical terms:
at least once every day you have to totally let go in a kind of active meditation & speak “the language of the stars” to give vocal-gestural way to whatever bubbles up be it an imbecilic guffaw (combined, for instance, with deep belly contractions on an empty stomach in the morning on your walk to work 😉

Rebecca Solnit

in a weird way

the more interconnected we get
the less connected we feel
the less interconnected we are
the more connected we may become

here’s two phenomenal quotes from Rebecca Solnit:

“The new chatter puts us somewhere in between, assuaging fears of being alone without risking real connection. It is a shallow between two deeper zones, a safe spot between the dangers of contact with ourselves, with others”

“A restlessness has seized hold of many of us, a sense that we should be doing something else, no matter what we are doing, or doing at least two things at once, or going to check some other medium. It’s an anxiety about keeping up, about not being left out or getting behind”

also read:

coming to a standstill

things take time, things take patience

I get it now

when I eat all I need to do is relax
just let out my belly and take my time
as I relish each bite
and masticate thoroughly:
lingering in the ecstasy of nourishment

I’ve understood it in the abstract for a long time
but never truly got it at a visceral level

it took a couple of humbling digestive breakdowns
which resulted from my tensed up, gluttonous or harried style of feeding

and I guess the same goes for all things:
no matter how smart you become
until you truly get it and take ownership of it
–usually as a result of recovering from a crisis–
knowledge won’t convert to wisdom

and no matter how hard you try to convince others (to decelerate  for instance) no conversion will happen until they (let themselves) experience (the power unleashed by) it for themselves

so, if you must be a preacher about anything, preach, prithee, only vicariously: by sharing your process of alignment

proactively detox from excessive noise

when you feel excited
when it feels hard to slow down
that’s exactly when you should decelerate

rather than feed into the frenzy
by acting out superficial impulses
you must ease into that state
you must be with it
and feel deep into it


map it, scan your body
which parts seek to escape at that moment
which parts do okay
what is the percentage of your “absence”

gauge things

take ownership
captain your bodily vessel
own its wobbles

relax into Presence
remind yourself that you belong here
to this moment now
repeat: I am here, I belong here

take stock

exfoliate the excess
tend to your “abscess”

witness your poise slowly seep back

all your urges shall be postponed till after you regain sufficient poise
otherwise you accelerate depletion by compounding an energetic deficit

you are not losing or falling or missing out


everything you find relevant
and saps your presence by experiencing its lack
is relevant only in your reality tunnel

you are but another opening
another pore
upon the opulent bristle of Presence