faces in space

go for a walk and enter a random school building
take a look at old group photographs of students of different classes on the wall
and meditate a bit
slow down
any random face you pick
imagine, picture in your mind their life
feel into their life
enter their frame
assume their space
think of their little triumphs and struggles
think of broken relationships, of abandoned projects and hobbies
see them running their errands
re-member their arrivals & their departures
re-member their unvoiced hurts & their unexpressed love
growing old,


then pick another face
do the same

the people these people were surrounded with
you will never know
and the people you have come into contact with over the years
they will never know

the big things in your life
do not exist for them
the big things of their life
do not exist for you

in the big scheme
we ain’t special
we don’t matter
it’s just our life


the one who abandoned you

who are they in the big scheme of things
they will disappear too
like grains of sand, yes

whoever you desire or admire
random too

we are all passing
we are passing through

none of it matters

we are humans


be humble
live simple
give as much space as humanly possible
the rest will take care of itself


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