fear of intimacy

if intimacy is a big deal for you and you tend to recoil from it because you feel paranoid of ending up being emotionally abused & bruised

practice letting go in the moment

the closure you fret gets enacted by you being too much outside of the moment which is to say: ‘in other people’s heads’

feel the chemistry of the moment:
attach and allow no strings

intimacy is exposure at its most intense
intellectualizing is a way of buffering against it

instead of resenting (& keep buffering against) the demand for connection
(let) go deeper and longer every single time

let go
relax into the exposure
relish your wobbles
witness the ripples
and feed it all back to poise (grounded presence)

take ownership

exposure is the name of the game
and transparency is what lubricates it

for further tangents on the topic
read: http://goo.gl/PYSc5j, http://goo.gl/oJZnDc
& listen to: http://goo.gl/up3I7K


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