proactively detox from excessive noise

when you feel excited
when it feels hard to slow down
that’s exactly when you should decelerate

rather than feed into the frenzy
by acting out superficial impulses
you must ease into that state
you must be with it
and feel deep into it


map it, scan your body
which parts seek to escape at that moment
which parts do okay
what is the percentage of your “absence”

gauge things

take ownership
captain your bodily vessel
own its wobbles

relax into Presence
remind yourself that you belong here
to this moment now
repeat: I am here, I belong here

take stock

exfoliate the excess
tend to your “abscess”

witness your poise slowly seep back

all your urges shall be postponed till after you regain sufficient poise
otherwise you accelerate depletion by compounding an energetic deficit

you are not losing or falling or missing out


everything you find relevant
and saps your presence by experiencing its lack
is relevant only in your reality tunnel

you are but another opening
another pore
upon the opulent bristle of Presence


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