coming to a standstill

things take time, things take patience

I get it now

when I eat all I need to do is relax
just let out my belly and take my time
as I relish each bite
and masticate thoroughly:
lingering in the ecstasy of nourishment

I’ve understood it in the abstract for a long time
but never truly got it at a visceral level

it took a couple of humbling digestive breakdowns
which resulted from my tensed up, gluttonous or harried style of feeding

and I guess the same goes for all things:
no matter how smart you become
until you truly get it and take ownership of it
–usually as a result of recovering from a crisis–
knowledge won’t convert to wisdom

and no matter how hard you try to convince others (to decelerateĀ  for instance) no conversion will happen until they (let themselves) experience (the power unleashed by) it for themselves

so, if you must be a preacher about anything, preach, prithee, only vicariously: by sharing your process of alignment


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