the body regrounds itself on its own accord

breathing techniques, asanas, meditation, incantations, pithy insights, etc.
are worth shit
if they are assumed rather than expressed

forcing alignment from the top down (from the head)
can ignite the dynamics from the bottom up (from the gut)

and this is what you can revert to do when you don’t feel like doing the thing: by simply going through the corrective motions until the motions take over

but this is the key:
alignment has to come from the bottom up
it has to come from the gut
from YOUR gut

you have to be with your body
you have to slow down to its beat
you have to let go and trust the pulsations emerging from the depth of your body

the body seeks to reground itself, always

you have to give space & witness its convulsions
listen to its broken speech
feel its gagging and jostling
enjoy its flow
relish its resistances

you have to be with it

/in more practical terms:
at least once every day you have to totally let go in a kind of active meditation & speak “the language of the stars” to give vocal-gestural way to whatever bubbles up be it an imbecilic guffaw (combined, for instance, with deep belly contractions on an empty stomach in the morning on your walk to work 😉


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