amplify what you’d rather stifle

ease out of all self-imposed pressure

nothing is a big deal

there is nothing to lose

nothing is personal

if some people take their BS out on you it’s a fairly good indicator that you are on the right track


instead of focusing on self-image (maintenance)
focus on your wobbles in response

get intimate with the ripples your insecurities trigger

ride these ripples, relax through them

discover your self

have fun

so long as you add value,
so long as you play with open cards,
you can do whatever you want and however you please

think & feel win-win
relate in the mode of play
jettison all heavy emotional baggage

it’s not upon you to take care of the emotional needs of others
you are not responsible for meeting the needs of anyone but yourself

let go
melt into it
relish the flesh of life


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