there is a constellation of people that binds you to a trajectory in the state space of consciousness which determines (or retards) your unfolding as an individual

take ownership: graph the constellation you inhabit

who are in the corners of your psyche tugging at your conscience?
who is nibbling from the sides? who is pulling you from the front?

make an inventory of the relationships that toggle your hormonal balance at the moment

what demands, values, ideals, rules coordinate your day-to-day trajectory?
and what memories and what kind of projections play into it?

take stock,

are you still waiting for bygones to return?
are you still striving for the affection of your parents
are you still trying to meet (parental or peer-group) expectations?
are you still seeking some form of validation from an ex?
are you trying to prove yourself to people from your past?


if you could beak out of this constellation & go back to square 1 and start all over again from a place of true intent
what would you choose? who would you choose?
what would you adopt and what would you cut off?


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