Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has become the champion in 13 seconds

“No power, just precision.
No speed, just timing.
That’s all it takes.”

it’s poise over matter

here’s two of my favourite quotes by him:


do you ever regret anything you say?

“I just let it flow and whatever it is I say if I regret it I regret it
it is what it is
I certainly wouldn’t regret something like speaking the truth
the truth is the truth
can’t regret speaking the truth
you can’t apologize for that”

which reminds me of trash-talk
that champions like McGregor or Michael Jordan used to deploy or rather ‘let flow’

the tip of an ice-berg: real trash-talk is a side-effect of mental dominance,
which comes from a solid foundation of skills and ownership of one’s strength

people with poise take the game to a new level where it becomes a clash of minds and the only thing there is to lose is the truth of the moment

/incidentally, McGregor was masterful in the way he used social media to whip up the hype (what, in effect, attracted me and many others to UFC)


“when you tell someone the truth they react to it”

in my translation this says: when your transparency confronts someone with the truth they either surrender or resist

once you step beyond self-deception that’s when you step into your power which will polarize people

but the real punch comes once you understand that the someone your transparency confronts is none other than you


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