take ownership of the games you play with others

whenever two persons get close and increasingly enmeshed in the intensity of escalating intimacy
their unresolved issues flare up and compel them to enact a drama at the expense of the other

enmeshed in the heat & flesh of intimacy here are a couple of questions you have to ask yourself:

do you get paranoid and recoil from the perceived demands of others?

are you pulling (or rather compulsively luring) the other into an antagonistic role of sorts?

do you actually seek to sidestep the other into ‘neediness’ so you can feel justified in resenting & rejecting them?

isn’t the sucking energy you feel tugging at you something that you attract with your weak personal boundaries in the first place?

one thing’s for sure,
whenever we are out of sync with the truth of the moment
projections taint our interactions


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