the ultimate quest: finding your place nowHERE

deep down we all crave unconditional Trust that grounds us

our sense of connection and that we belong is what gives meaning to our Existence

an unmet need for intimacy gets transduced into excessive behavior

you feel compelled to seek fulfillment through different “lanes”

in order to compensate for this lack of secure attachment

you become prone to excesses and addictive tendencies

you engage in activities to the point of over-saturation/over-stimulation
which depletes rather than builds you up

when there is no secure attachment that anchors your trajectory
you resort to compensate for that gap with shadow or surrogate activities
like binge-eating, over-training, dieting, gambling, gaming, sexing, etc.

but since none of these activities address your fundamental need for true companionship they generate/feed into anxiety which becomes the engine for compulsive behavior

hence the dysfunction: the compulsion to over-stress your system by overindulging in excessive measures of engaging


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