know your hormetic range

Exposure has to have a context
which is basically your Intent
every exposure practice should be engaged with a mind to Align

strength training, cold exposure, cold approaching/seduction, social dynamics, intimacy, dieting, art, creation, unapologetic self-expression, asserting personal boundaries, seeking to address personal needs before anyone else’s, etc., etc.
all these Exposure practices are supposed to help you align rather than change (for the better)

they have to be driven, in other words, by a selfless motive rather than a selfish one for gains, lays, fame, success

if it is driven by the latter and you are still bent on escaping the inferior state you (feel you) momentarily inhabit you will tend to compulsively overdo it
and when you overdo something in order to change your “state”
you’ll end up further compromising it

see Exposure as an act of re-balancing
metabolically, hormonally, psychologically, etc.

as a circling back
to full-blown Trust

done right
it’ll feel effortless

no matter the amount of hit & miss it involves

once you hit upon the right notes a couple of times
the corrective stretches will take care of themselves
and the harmonization process will take over and continue cycling through your body/system as long as you provide it enough space/Trust


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