[Own] The Context of What You Are Doing

your true intent is to heal your deepest wounds

if you don’t own and act on your true intent
all you do is ab-use others
and further damage your self

your true intent is to relax from your structural imbalances

to align

it all starts beyond the realm of (saving & losing) face

a couple of examples:

(1) in training, lifting weights your true intent is ligament alignment,
balancing your musculo-skeletal system

there is no better authority on this than Scott Sonnon:

“Be weakness-focused, create exercise opportunities for the weaknesses to flex and restrengthen themselves; balance comes as a natural by product

“Weakness is neural shut-down. Hold, until you switch back on

“The exercise you most hate is the one you need most.

“Test the ranges, find the restrictions, build the fundamentals, practice the skills, and only then train them at high intensity

(2) following dietary advice your true intent is appetite alignment
balancing your hormonal system

to my mind this is the best advice regarding proper nutrition:

“Optimizing health and increasing energy requires consuming a diet of easily digestible foods eaten in proper frequency and balance. The trick is learning to understand what foods are easily digestible to YOUR body and what is a proper frequency and balance for YOU” — EastWest Healing

(3) in intimacy your true intent is boundary alignment
balancing inter-personal needs

the best authority on this is David Deida:

“If a man prioritizes his relationship over his highest purpose, he weakens himself, disserves the universe, and cheats his woman of an authentic man who can offer his full, undivided presence”

etc. etc.

and sometimes the seemingly sleazy is nothing but a form of psycho-social therapy, an intra-personal alignment: https://youtu.be/DR2j2RC0Ytk?t=1h51m


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